Castle Quail     

Quail eggs

Quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs and have a lovely  subtle flavour.

We supply quails eggs: 

  • Boxes of twelve
  • Trays of thirty eggs (for caterers) 
  • Jars of pickled eggs,12 per jar
  •     Sweet Chilli (subtle, not overpowering)
  •     Tarragon    (so delicate)
  •     Spirit Vinegar (for the traditionalist)                      

Quail meat & game meat

After a succesful trial of new products at farmers' markets,  we are proud to offer:

  • Braces of quail: 
  •       Dressed
  •       In feather (for the more adventerous)
  • Six prepared quail breasts                                                (ready for the oven)
  • Quail drumsticks (an unusual canape) 
  • Game meat:  as the season changes we         offer fresh and frozen locally sourced game, vac-packed and oven-ready.

Extras found at the farmer markets, 

For farmer markets and food festivals we prepare:

  • Quail pate coarse farmhouse style
  • Quail terrine coarse farmhouse style        (The terrine is suitable for pregant women as    there is no liver)
  • Celery Salt  (the best seasoning for quail     eggs)

We can supply & deliver within Norfolk and surrounding counties, please contact Castle Quail to check delivery day in your area 01760 444 256