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Box of 40 Prime eight  week old quail £34.00                               

Box of 25 Prime eight week old quail £21.25

Here at Castle Quail our quails are allowed to mature at their own pace.  We hatch birds from our own breeding stock.   

When the quail are at the right age to be a culinary delight for raptors, they are carefully taken to a separate quiet area to be dispatched in a quick and efficient manner  in accordance with current legislation.

We believe birds should not be distressed or mistreated. From the moment eggs hatch to their final day, our birds are treated with respect and kindness.

Castle Quail does not generally supply day old chicks, unless it is a special order.  

Our birds are fed a bespoke balanced diet, high in protein, minerals and vitamins (with added Vit E).

All are Quail are regularly tested for :-

  • Salmonella
  • Coccodisis
  • Adenovirus
  • Aspergillosis
  • Rotavirus (new 2014)

Whenever possible we avoid using antibiotics and prefer to give the flock natural and herbal remedies.

Prime quail can be supplied frozen throughout the UK.  Shipping costs apply. 

Castle Quail can supply fresh birds in Norfolk, for all other areas, please contact us to discuss delivery & costs 01760 444 256 

Turkey poults

Available from june 2015

Frozen rats 

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